Kosher Meal Plans

The University at Buffalo, under the rabbinical supervision of Vaad, offers Kosher Meal Plans for the 2011-12 school year. All food is prepared at the NY Deli & Diner by Chef and Mashgiach, Ely Bokobza and overseen by Rabbi Moshe Taub BVK, Hakasrus of Buffalo.

Since NY Deli & Diner operates à la carte, all students interested in following the Kosher Meal Plan should purchase an all Dining Dollar account meal plan.

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Kosher Resident Freshman
$2,359 (semester)

$2,359 Dining Dollars

Plan will cover cost of kosher meals based on average pricing (breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch – $140/week, $2,240/semester). The declining balance account can be used for the purchase of food and beverage products at any UB Campus Dining & Shops location, including convenience stores and vending machines.

Kosher Resident Upperclassmen/Commuters
$800 minimum (semester)

$800 Dining Dollars

Average 5-6 meals per week for the semester,
additional funds can be added.

Please click here to find out more about Kosher Dining and the NY Deli & Diner on UB’s North Campus.