The Ruth and Isadore Bob Endowed Fellowship Fund

Graduate Fellowship 2017/2018



The Department of Jewish Thought is pleased to announce a $5000 stipend to support a UB doctoral student working in an academic area that touches upon Jews or Judaism.

The candidate can be from any department and must submit an application to the Department of Jewish Thought Office (Clemens 712) by April 28, 2017 that includes the following:

  1. A cover letter indicating Name, Department, Year of Study, and Contact Information.
  1. A summary of the dissertation topic with a clear indication of how much work has been completed and what remains to be completed. In deciding about funding, priority will be given to candidates who are close to completion of their projects over students who have not yet had their dissertation projects approved or who are at the early stages of writing. The summary should be no more than two pages long, and should be written in a way that will allow scholars from outside the applicant’s discipline to evaluate the significance and feasibility of the project.
  1. A curriculum vitae
  1. A transcript of UB graduate coursework
  1. A letter from the dissertation director assessing the quality and significance of the project, the student’s progress to date towards the degree, and the estimated timetable for the completion of the project. Dissertation directors are urged to write a letter that will make the applicant’s project clear to persons outside his or her field.

Please send application (hard copy and/or digital attachments) to:

Professor Sergey Dolgopolski

Chair, Department of Jewish thought

712 Clemens Hall

University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY 14260